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Dudes’ Kitchen – Best 1

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About the Book

Dudes’ Kitchen

It’s one thing to cook food, and another to eat it!. This inspired cookery book is the product of men; dudes who are not afraid to swallow their own medicine. You may recognise the names of many of the guys who graciously gave their favourite recipes for us to catalogue herein, including Harry Houdini and Charlie Chaplin.

You will find sauces from the south, chowders from New England, barbecued masterpieces from the west, grilled classics from field and stream, ragouts, stews, desserts, dressings and more.

Dude, to impress your friends and partners, all you require is a good stove, some pots pans and dishes and a few simple, quality ingredients. Oh, and a copy of this free recipe book on your phone, tablet or laptop. 

Here are a couple of recommendations – try these first:

RUM-TUM-TIDDY (Frank Ward O’Malley)

Buy one and one-half pounds of American cheese, one can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup, a green pepper, a loaf of bread, at least two eggs, and lots of bottles of beer—real beer, if you can get it, Volstead beer if you can’t. Then invite your friends round for food and drinks.

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