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1000 Super Recipe CookBook

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Whatever type of food you are passionate about, whether you need toplan menus for feeding a large family, three courses for an elegant dinnerparty or a romantic meal for two, this selection of 1000 fabulous recipes issure to inspire you for each and every occasion. Many of the recipes included in the book are considered classics, andtheyt have become so partly because they have proven so popular overthe years.

Often when we go to a restaurant, we instinctively order thosedishes that we know we have enjoyed time and again. But likely as not,going out to a restaurant to treat yourself to these favourites is notsomething you can either afford or want to do every day. So this bookcontains dozens of these classic recipes for you to make and enjoy athome. The 1000 recipes featured here offer you a veritable treasure trove ofdishes from which to choose, representing cuisines from all around theworld. You will find traditional British, French, Italian, Spanish, Mexican,Caribbean, Moroccan, Indian, Chinese, Thai and Japanese recipes, toname but a few.

All the essentials are there: roast beef and Yorkshirepudding from Britain, coq au vin from France, paella and gazpacho fromSpain, lasagne and spaghetti bolognese from Italy, chicken chow meinfrom China and chicken korma from India. But you will also find hundreds of more unusual recipes.

They might beinnovative variations on a familiar dish, such as turkey and spinachLasagna; use ingredients that you have not used before, such as quail’seggs, guinea fowl or okra; or may offer a really surprising combination ofingredients, such as cod with mango.Virtually every cooking method ever invented is utilized in these 1000recipes. There are the ones we use every day, such as grilling, frying andbaking, but you will find also poaching, braising and stewing.

Even thosetechniques traditionally regarded as a bit trickier, such as those required tomake pastries, soufflés and mousses, have been made straightforward andaccessible by the simple and easy-to-follow recipe instructions, and themajority of recipes in the book require minimal preparation